Party in the Park a Success!

20 Jan

On January 15th, hundreds of Richmonders gathered in Monroe Park to celebrate our 1,000th signature on the petition to keep portions of Monroe open during renovations.

ENORMOUS thanks to All the Saints Theater Company for their generous work! There were tons of musical acts performing, including No BS! Brass Band, Dave Watkins, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, Diamond Center, Gull, Julie Karr, Lobo Marino, Better Not Makeouts (All the Saints folks!), Alison Self, Cmilk and Reeverb Collective, Just Plain Sounds Hip Hop Collective and others.

There was much face painting and hula hooping as Art on Wheels did their thing nearby, and some of Richmond’s most awesome local establishments that support the campaign – including Lamplighter Coffee, Cafe Gutenberg, Crossroads, and others – donated coffee, food and sweets for the occasion.

Thanks so much to the local media covering the event, including WRIR News:

RVA Magazine, featuring photography by Poison Affair:

This isn’t about resisting progress, or fear of change, or underlying anti-gentrification agendas. This is about preserving the last constant, physical manifestation of democracy: a designated marketplace of ideas. A scrap of nature in the hard angles of the city. If this park that has served the needy (FNB has been serving there for over 16 years), and those in need of an open space, is turned into an inaccessible strip mall of metropolitan shrubbery, we have lost something significant. We have lost “we”. Everywhere else, is territory.
Entire Article…

As you can see from the news coverage, we didn’t let all the music and food get in the way of the political nature of the event. More signatures were obtained, more information was disseminated and more expressions of support were offered by the attendees. Thanks so much, Richmond!


2 Responses to “Party in the Park a Success!”

  1. Larry Perkinson January 21, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    My congratulations on the content and manner in which you present and demonstrate your concerns about the park. This is an example of true democracy in action carried out at the grassroots level and done in a way that enhances our political processes instead of pitting people against one another.

  2. Al January 26, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    I clearly told the guy that I had gotten 200 on the e-petition, 200 on the paper petition, and had talked to over 500 people about the issue. Is this what they call journalistic license? CONGRATS on your success…what’s next? Cant wait for PITP 2-We All Win.

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