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Monroe Park Master Plan
by The Monroe Park Advisory Council
The Monroe Park Advisory Council removed from its website the document of their plans to renovate Monroe Park. This was a publicly available document up until sometime recently when they apparently decided to no longer make it available. We have now uploaded it onto to make is publicly accessible again.

Monroe Park Costs Breakdown
“This document is intended to be a quick reference guide for the costs of renovating Monroe Park, mostly using data from the Monroe Park Master Plan. This is a draft and may still contain some errors, please double check my numbers before you use them, and if you find anything wrong with this document, let me know so I can improve it.”

Keep Monroe Park Open
This site contains several primary souce legal documents about the Monroe Park Renovation, MPAC, the terms of VCU’s lease of the Conrad Center to Freedom House, and more:
“This site is part of an effort to coordinate the activities of people who oppose the closure and privatization of the park.”

Monroe Park Google Group
This is a Google Group set up as a resource and e-mail listserv for folks interested in helping keep the park open during the renovations. Anyone can be a member. Just send a membership request and the moderator will approve you.
“The park is a place for people from ALL walks of life to gather, enjoy themselves, share meals, resources, and conversation.”


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