Articles on the Monroe Renovations!

City Council Recap: Monroe Park & ‘Birth of a Nation’
Jan 11th, 2011 RVANews
by Brad Kutner

Monroe Park Plan Leaves Out Homeless
Nov 9th, 2010 Richmond Times Dispatch
by Michael Paul Williams
“It’s not clear when publicly funded parks installed a gender and caste system that limits the ranks of the poor. But try as some might to hide poverty and hunger from the sensibilities of a target market, poverty and hunger are too plentiful here to erase from view.”

Squatter’s Rights in Monroe Park?
Nov 5th, 2010, Style Weekly
by Vernal Coleman
Advocates for the homeless in Monroe Park are crying foul over the park’s planned $6.2 million renovation, asking where the homeless will go. But another issue has yet to be raised. If a squatter can legally lay claim to abandoned property after occupying it for an extended period of time — in Virginia, it’s 15 years — perhaps it’s possible the homeless can do the same at Monroe Park.

Future of Monroe Park Feeding Programs Studied
Nov 5th, 2010, Richmond Times Dispatch
by Will Jones
“However, some attendees sought to reframe the discussion by insisting that at least a portion of the park by Virginia Commonwealth University remain open at all times.”
(related video)

City and community leaders brainstorm about helping homeless
Nov. 4, 2010 NBC 12 News
by Tara Morgan

Monroe Park plan spurs debate over services for homeless
Nov. 1, 2010 Richmond Times Dispatch
by Will Jones

Samuels Criticizes Monroe Park Feedings, Anarchists Fire Back
Sept. 20, 2010 Style Weekly
by Sara Dabney Tisdale
Style Weekly covers the back-and-forth between councilperson Samuels and the hosts of Food Not Bombs.

A Feeding Frenzy in Monroe Park
Sept. 20, 2010
by Chris Dovi
A former Style Weekly regular reports on the conflict.

Did you know…that Monroe Park will be undergoing a $6.2 million renovation next spring?
Sept. 14, 2010 Virginia Supportive Housing
by Cristina Wood
“We all need to make sure that these homeless human beings are not just pushed to the side and forgotten for the sake of cosmetic improvement.”

$6.2 million makeover planned for Monroe Park
Sept. 1, 2010 Richmond Times-Dispatch
by Will Jones
The Richmond Times Dispatch covers the renovations poorly.

2nd District Newsletter: Monroe Is Not for the Homeless
Sept. 2010 2nd District News
by Charles Samuels
Councilman Charles Samuels explains nicely why the homeless and their assistance programs shouldn’t be in Monroe.


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